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Heavenly Kisses

A young art gallery owner is heading for bankruptcy. Clients are few and far between, and soon, she won’t even be able to pay the rent. Just as things are getting desperate, mysterious Eros appears at the gallery, offering her paintings – seemingly new works from the old masters – for a show. The show is an enormous success, and it changes everything for her. A little later, Eros takes her to the Heavenly City to recuperate. She falls in love with an angel sent to guide her. He feels the same, but there’s no way for angels and humans to be together, or is there?

Autor: Kim S. Thera
Illustration: fotolia.com/Ewa Chojak
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Heavenly emotions with one love scene toward the end





(Kursiv: wird durch Ihre Angaben ersetzt)


2 male and 2 female roles
Marie, the heroine; a young woman who owns an art gallery; has major financial problems; a stranger called Eros unexpectedly comes to her rescue; sometime later Marie finds herself in a Heavenly City where she meets her soulmate
Oliver, the hero; an angel; he and Marie fall in love with each other when Marie is in the Heavenly City; before the two of them are allowed to live together they have to pass a rigorous test; they pass the test and live happily together by the end of the story
Sabine, Marie’s best friend; extremely attractive young lady; has been going out with Mark for the past two years; she cares deeply for Marie; is wary of Oliver at first, until she, too, grows fond of him
Mark, Sabine’s boyfriend; a pleasant young lawyer; he and Oliver meet through Marie ; he likes Marie; very kind and loves his girlfriend
Not personalised characters:
Eros, the god of love
Mrs. Feinbeck
The Lady Mayoress

(Kursiv: wird durch Ihre Angaben ersetzt)


Luck was on Marie’s side again over the following days and weeks. No matter whether it was due to word of mouth, to the wonderful articles about the exhibition in the papers, or to the marvelous show itself, clients kept coming to the gallery. Marie had already managed to put a healthy amount of money aside – the show had earned her even more than she had thought at first, and now, she was making money on a regular basis. She had established her name, and that was the most important thing in the arts business. The days when she stood in front of an empty fridge were gone. She had long since taken Sabine out to an exclusive restaurant, not because she considered herself the most successful gallery owner in London but because it was how she wanted to thank her best friend for her support during hard times. Marie had, however, not heard from Eros again since the show.
Two months after the exhibition, Marie found a letter waiting for her on her doorstep – there was no return address.
The letter was written in ornate handwriting and read:

Dear Gallery Owner,
I would like to thank you again for believing in me and to congratulate you for the outstanding success of your show. I thought we could drink a toast to your success. That’s why I would like to invite you to my place. Does next Sunday sound acceptable, 3 p.m.? You already know my address. I look forward to welcoming you.
Sincerely yours, Eros.

Marie stared at the letter in amazement and had to read it a second time to understand its message properly. The man who had suddenly intruded into her life, calling himself the God of Love and supplying her with the exquisite paintings that launched her success, only to disappear again for two complete months, was now inviting her out for a drink. This was crazy, wasn’t it?
And yet, Marie went to Arrow Road on Sunday. She decided she could use some fresh air, so she left her BMW at home. Marie had doubted that there actually was an Arrow Road, but now, she was walking along reading house numbers. She had just passed number 64, so Eros’ place had to be on the opposite side of the road. There was 69, 85, 101. The road was long but not long enough to get to number 777. As expected, the road finished with house number 115.
Now what? Marie read the business card again, but there was no doubt. She was right: London, Arrow Road, 777. Had she been taken for a ride? Or, was the 777 a misprint and should read 77? She turned around, making complete circle, and looked out for a passerby she could ask about Mr. Eros. But, there was no one to be seen. She was about to walk back down the road to 77 when, behind her, something at the wayside began to shimmer.
Confused, Marie turned round again and gasped. She could hardly believe her eyes. It was a bank of mist transforming what a moment ago had been only a simple flower meadow.
The mist seemed to have a life of its own, and it kept moving forward. Frightened and wide-eyed, Marie took a step back, then another. What was happening?
The mist continued to shift, forming figures. At first it was just shapeless lumps, but then, Marie began to recognize more. A staircase appeared in the mist, and walls shaped to the left and right. Countless steps led upward, high into the sky. Marie slowly turned then walked away faster. She wanted to get away because either she was stark-raving mad or something unspeakable just happened.
Marie, wait! Don’t go, please,” a voice echoed behind her.
Marie stopped in her tracks. She knew who the voice belonged to before she turned around. She turned back hesitantly and looked questioningly at Eros. She registered briefly that he had called her by her first name, as familiar as if he had known her forever. He smiled at her, charming as ever, but this time, there was something mysterious brimming within his eyes.
“Who are you?” Marie asked very quietly as she stood before him.
“I think you know that already,” he said.
She looked him straight in the eye. Of course. To be honest, in a way, Marie had known it from the beginning.
“Then, you also understand there’s no need to be afraid,” said Eros in answer to her unspoken question.
“I must confess that I don’t understand anything about anything right now. I’ve probably just gone mad. I’m ready for the asylum; I think I need to lie down,” said Marie in a low voice.
Eros laughed. “It’s so funny. You humans are all the same. You’d never guess how often I’ve heard the very same when I’ve brought someone back.”
“Does that mean that I’m… I’m dead?” asked Marie, clearly shocked.
Eros smiled again. “Believe me, you’re as alive as you’ve ever been. I simply want to invite you on a small holiday trip. You’ve had a lot to put up with the last few months. You’ve had to fight. You were depressed. You deserve a break.”
“Where are we going?” Marie wanted to know.
“To a heavenly city. Come stay for a little while.” With these words, he put his foot onto the first step of the staircase.
Marie was sure he would fall back down again – how sturdy could mist actually be? But, the step bore his weight easily. So, Marie too dared a first step on this weirdest staircase of all staircases she had ever seen. They began to climb the countless steps – one after another. Marie could not even see where they ended. Busy with her thoughts, she didn’t realize when they actually reached the top.
“Welcome to the heavenly city of Maledives,” Eros said, with an elegant hand gesture. From his back now sprouted two enormous wings, which had not been visible before.
Marie was speechless. Spellbound, she stared at the city rising before her. Houses towered up in front of clad in whiteness that almost blinded her. The walls of the houses seemed to move and waver, similar to the staircase that lay below them. The streets gleamed and were made of a strange material Marie had never seen before. Between the wonderful houses, completely ordinary people were walking around – with angels among them. Male and female angels with huge wings were walking along with mortals. There was no blue sky over the city, but a white cover stretched above their heads. “Amazing! It’s just – amazing! No one would ever believe me if I told them,” said Marie.

Kim S. Thera

Kim S. Thera wurde 1977 geboren und lebt heute mit ihrem Mann und ihren zwei Kindern in der Nähe von Stuttgart. Sie schreibt Geschichten, seit sie 10 Jahre alt ist. Doch erst nach ihrer kaufmännischen Ausbildung begann sie, sich richtig mit der Schriftstellerei zu befassen.


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