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The Night of the Vampire

An American theatre director invites her crew to a Transylvanian monastery. She wants to rehearse her modern musical version of “Dracula” in a realistic setting. A snowstorm cuts off the monastery from the outside world. Soon, quarrels break out amongst the crew, and suspicion and fear take hold. Weird things start happening, and when the first person dies, the situation spins out of control. The relentless murderer continues to claim his victims one by one. Is he one of the guests? Someone from outside? Or, is some other sinister being at the centre of this terrifying mystery...

Autor: Linda C. Mahony
Illustration: Nader
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Ten people are up against an ancient demon in a Transylvanian monastery. There are four deaths in the story and love blossoms between the two main characters.


The monastery of St. Andraszèk in Transylvania



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5 male and 5 female roles
Moira Summersby, a young, good-looking American theatre director; haunted by weird dreams in which she tries to seduce the demon Rudzio in the form of a strange man. She and Alan are attracted towards each other but they must overpower the demon before they finally come together (two discreet love scenes!).
Alan Longleave, author of the play 'Dracula'; comes from London; slim with uniform features, falls in love with Moira instantly; a couple of years older than her; member of the Knights Templar order which is committed to fighting non-human evil forces; finally overpowers the demon Rudzio.
Michael Brodery, American Broadway producer; handsome, charming man of about fifty; smoker; maintains a very good, cordial relationship with Moira; had a secret affair with Susan (no love scenes!) and is deeply affected by her death.
Marilyn Cartwright, Moira's assistant; British national; in her early thirties, lean and tall; wears a ponytail; hates cigarette smoke; admires Moira and wants to be and look like her; accuses Henry of murdering Susan and gets slapped for it; it ultimately turns out that Marilyn was in love with Susan and had stabbed Henry in her desperation; her sense of guilt finally drives her to suicide (jumps off the wall!).
Brian Blue, composer and musician from Canada; dark-skinned and short; white beard and head full of hair; friendly character; Moira’s old friend.
Susan Baker, American actress; dark hair and pale complexion; deep voice; thin and curved nose, with the air and grace of a star; her marriage to her husband was only on paper; has a secret affair with Michael, wants to make it public and leave her husband but is found dead a little later.
Henry Baker, American actor; hot-tempered; light coloured hair; dark circles around the eyes and puffy face; drinker, is suspected of killing his wife Susan but is found dead a little later with a knife in his back; ultimately, it turns out that he was the only one who didn't fall prey to the demon but was stabbed by a desperate Marilyn.
Jennifer McGowan, American actress; mid-twenties; very down to earth; hates Robert; Moira's best friend who resents the fact that Moira didn't tell her about her affair with Alan especially because Jennifer is also attracted to the author; the friends patch up quickly and team up against their common enemy - the man who appears in their dreams.
Robert Brown, British actor; about thirty; thick, black eyebrows, pale skin; is supposed to play the Dracula in the play; notorious troublemaker; insensitive and often tactless.
Melinda Juhasz, actress born in Romania; model and dancer; just twenty years old; quiet and shy; long hair; has a penchant for the paranormal; Rudzio also appears in her dreams; she succumbs to his charm and murders Susan under his influence; also tries to stab Alan; falls to her death in the end.
The following characters are not personalised:
Rudzio, an ancient spirit/demon who wants to recover his physical strength through the love of women, seeks them in their dreams and kills any woman who does not succumb to his powers of seduction, makes Melinda commit murder; is overpowered at the end and is destroyed forever.
Agäia, the woman who turned her lover Rudzio into a demonic being.
Vladimir, a monk, who passed on reports about Rudzio.
Mr. and Mrs. Cartarescu, Romanian domestic staff.
Pavlo, the gardener who dies in a car accident.
Andrew, an actor who had to refuse the project.

(Kursiv: wird durch Ihre Angaben ersetzt)


Alan Longleave neither noticed the birds chirping before sunset nor the presence of the frog, which quickly jumped out of the way into the ditch.
The taxi in which he sat was a rusty old tin box, which sped through the street with an ear-splitting noise. Now and then, they drove through puddles, which concealed treacherous potholes and roots under the muddy water causing the taxi to jump into the air like a panicked rabbit. The windows were covered all over with brown spots.
A fresh spray caused Alan and the two other occupants of the taxi to wince, but the driver simply continued gnawing on his moustache with an expressionless face.
"I feel as though I’m on a wildlife safari," groaned Jennifer Mc Gowan, who rolled her eyes from where she was sitting next to Alan in the rear seat. She was a pretty woman in her mid-twenties and wore a warm woollen dress. Her round face was pale. Alan couldn’t tell whether that was due to the strenuous journey or because it was her natural colouring. He‘d only known her for a couple of hours. "Do you think that the driver’s doing it intentionally? He hasn’t missed a single puddle so far."
Michael Brodery, the man in the front passenger seat, laughed and turned around. His white teeth glinted. He was about fifty, a handsome, brown tanned man. "Who knows what practices are followed in this country? But we’ll soon be there safely."
"I’m still doubtful whether we’ll arrive in one piece," said Jennifer with a trembling voice and hanging on tightly to the door handle. "If we do, then I’ll cross myself three times."
Just then the driver suddenly accelerated and sped around a sharp curve. Driven by the momentum, the right side of the taxi lifted up causing the taxi to precariously balance on two wheels for a moment and then land with a thud on the street. Jennifer let out a startled scream, but fell silent as she followed the gaze of the two men and looked out of the window.
The forest on the right side had disappeared, making way for a steep slope. They were on the edge of a wide valley. Supported on a grey cliff, the formidable walls of the monastery of St. Andraszèk rose on the other side.
It was a medieval structure, with snow-covered battlements and three massive towers, a huge building that leaned onto the cliff, surrounded by the rays of the setting sun. Alan squinted and looked away, blinded by the light.
The sun then disappeared behind the mountain. The spires were drenched in a transient burning, reddish-violet light while the rest of the monastery slowly merged into the dark cliff. A lurking shadow and a sleeping monster.
Alan shivered involuntarily. For a moment, he wasn’t sure if he knew what he’d let himself in for. Then he straightened up and shook off his gloomy mood. He’d come to take up an extremely interesting job. He wouldn’t let himself be influenced by irrational ideas.

Moira was about to change when somebody knocked on the door.
"Just a minute,” she called out and quickly pulled up her jeans as the massive door was pushed open. Marilyn, her assistant, poked her head in.
"Michael Brodery, Jennifer Mc Gowan and Alan Longleave have just arrived and are waiting below in the hall," she announced.
"Good," said Moira wrapping herself in a silk shawl. "That completes the team. Let's go down."
They hurried through the narrow corridors of the monastery to the stairway which led directly to the huge entrance hall.
"A hearty welcome!” said Moira and shook the hands of the newcomers.
"Hello Moira," replied Michael with a smile and patted her on the shoulder. "You’re the only reason I took this odyssey on. Nice to see you." They had known each other casually for years, but had never worked together.
That was not the case with Jennifer. They had completed their last project just six months previously, and the two women greeted each other with a familiar smile.
Alan and Moira hadn’t met each other before. Moira eyed him curiously. He was a slim man with dark-brown hair, green eyes and a narrow well-proportioned face. He had a clear gaze and looked around with interest. She let her gaze wander around mechanically and was once again impressed by the might of the medieval building.
They were standing in the fourteen foot high entrance hall, the thick stonewalls of which were covered with faded paintings. Three circular arches on either side and one in front led to the interior of the monastery through wide corridors. The setting sun shone through four narrow bay windows over the entrance door and bathed the hall in red light.
"It was nice of you to come, Mr Longleave. I look forward to our working together,” said Moira to her last guest.
He smiled. "Hello. Just call me Alan.”
He knew that people in the theatre industry usually addressed each other informally within the first few minutes of meeting.
"Good." Moira smiled at him as well. She was happy he was so friendly. It was a good sign for working together. “Then please call me Moira."
"Sure," he replied. "I’m looking forward to our project."
Moira nodded to him again and turned to face everyone.
"Marilyn will escort you to your rooms. Dinner will be served in twenty minutes in the small hall. You will get to know the rest of the team there."
“Just a minute, Moira." Michael stopped her and looked at her. "Can we briefly discuss some business matters?"
"Yes, of course." She smiled. She hadn't expected anything else from Michael. "Shall we go to the library? It’s the most comfortable room here."
They left the others and went through the left corridor. Moira and Michael walked slowly side by side.
"How have the team members who have already arrived fitted together?" he asked. He hardly paid attention to his surroundings. If he was impressed by the medieval stone walls, he didn't show it.
"Most of them are enthusiastic." Moira stopped and turned left to face a wooden door that was covered with ironwork. The hinges were well oiled and the door opened easily giving a clear view of the library. The room was narrow and long and the wood-panelled walls were covered with bookshelves. There was a balustrade at a height of ten feet, which allowed access to more books. A narrow spiral staircase led to the top. "Since Andrew has caught a cold and won’t be joining us, the team is now complete. My assistant Marilyn, Brian Blue our musician, Henry and Susan Baker, Melinda Juhasz and Robert Brown. In addition, Jennifer Mc Gowan and Alan Longleave, who came here with you. Altogether, we are ten. A colourful group,” she said, laughing. “I hope that there are no arguments."
"I would be surprised if there weren't any," replied Michael, winking with amusement. "You know the actors lot well enough."
Moira shook her head with a smile and led Michael to the back of the room. The bookshelves ended and the library opened into a hexagonal room, which was divided by two barred windows. There were a few reading desks, chairs and tables here where the former residents of the monastery probably pursued their studies. Old and faded charcoal drawings in glass frames hung on the walls. They showed the perimeter of the monastery from different perspectives.
A fire burned in a fireplace lined with easy chairs. It was clear that the chairs had been added to the room only in the last twenty years.
Moira sat down. She frowned as Michael pulled out a cigarette.
"Please don't smoke in here! I can't imagine that will do the old books any good,” she said with a smile, wanting to sound less harsh.

Linda C. Mahony

Linda C. Mahony ist Journalistin und lebt mit ihrem Mann in Nürnberg. Sie hat unter einem Pseudonym bereits mehrere Liebes- und historische Romane für verschiedene Verlage verfasst und liebt es besonders, zu exotischen Schauplätzen zu reisen und über längst vergangene Zeiten in Stadtarchiven und Bibliotheken zu recherchieren.


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Romanian actress
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